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7 advantages of screw type refrigeration compressor

The screw type refrigeration compressor is one kind of the rotary compressor, and it has both the characteristics of both the piston type and the power type (speed type).

First, compared with the reciprocating plug refrigeration compressor, screw refrigeration compressor has many advantages such as high speed, light weight, small volume, small footprint and low exhaust pulse.

Two, screw type refrigeration compressor has no reciprocating quality inertia force, good dynamic balance performance, smooth operation, small vibration of the machine base, and smaller base.

Three, screw refrigeration compressor has the advantages of simple structure, fewer parts, valve, piston ring like no wearing parts, its main friction parts such as rotor, bearings, strength and wear degree are high, and good lubricating conditions, thus the machining amount is less, low material consumption, simple maintenance, long operation cycle. Is conducive to the realization of automatic control.