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Compressor: Great demand and Good sales year

In 2017 the central air-conditioning market recovery, with manufacturers of stable shipments and Northern Coal to electricity market broke out, the refrigeration compressor industry ushered in the production year sales wang. Rotary compressor, scroll compressor, screw compressor sales have achieved significant growth in revenue growth, due to rising raw materials, environmental protection, fire and other government supervision of overweight, leading to a number of non-standard enterprises were banned, the core compressor enterprise obtain relatively good market environment for the development of compressor prices remain stable, good profit.

From the point of view of the product, 3-7HP air conditioning compressor is mainly used in the fields of unit machine, household multi - unit, small household type water machine and so on. In 2017, the products of these areas there are different degrees of growth, the growth volume is undoubtedly the largest household online products, driven by the 3-7HP air compressor sales rose, which highly rotary compressor before the three quarter operating income of 7 billion 949 million yuan, an increase of 50.61%; the air conditioning compressor 7HP and larger cooling capacity is mainly used in commercial online, module machine, household water machine, scroll compressor in 7HP and above range sales rose year-on-year growth rate reached more than 20%.

From the brand perspective, in the field of scroll compressor, Danfoss and Emerson occupy the largest market share. Under the strong pull of the coal to electricity project, the two brands of scroll compressors have been in short supply in 2017. The Chinese market ranked third also appear tight inventory characteristics. According to Yinghuate deputy general manager Wen Maohua introduction, in 2017 the results achieved in the 100% Anglo's explosive growth, air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump three application market is flourishing popular production situation. Frozen, because the customer development efforts, in 2017 began to import large frozen customer orders is considerable; heat pump can benefit from coal to electricity projects, and central heating transformation, the compressor from the compressor for household heating by 3-5 to 10-15 horse horse compressor transformation, application in the area of central heating station in a large number of horses scroll compressor speed up demand. It is expected that in 2018, the growth momentum will continue, Yinghua special plan to maintain 80% growth.

Screw compressor harvest also in 2017, on behalf of the enterprise Hanbell before the 3 quarter operating income of 950 million yuan, an increase of 34.72%, net profit of 134 million yuan, an increase of 3.48%, mainly from the increment applied to coal modified electric heating screw compressor business transformation of the market, because of the influence of centrifuge type air conditioning project dropped by certain impact; Bitzer also benefit from coal to electricity market, Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei and other places of shipment screw machine, a large number of horses scroll machine a substantial growth in 2017 is expected to 20%; Fu Sheng due to the double screw compressor screw compressor in 2017 ahead of the layout, an increase of nearly 35%, mainly due to the complex Sheng commercial central heating project in Beijing, Qingdao to harvest a large number of orders.

The piston compressor has a wide range of application space in the field of freezing and refrigeration. Pitzer had a strong momentum in cryopreservation and small fridge, which was expected to grow by about 20% in 2017. In 2017, the performance of the Taikang compressor increased by about 16%, mainly from the contribution of the piston compressor to the commercial refrigeration market. Xi Lintao, sales director of Taikang, said that Taikang is still able to maintain more than 10% growth in the Chinese market in 2018, thanks to the support of distribution channels and the prosperous development of the commercial refrigeration market.

The growth of the compressor industry will continue until 2018, because the main engine manufacturers need to make stock in advance, and the production plan for the compressor in the first half of 2018 has been very impressive. It is estimated that rotary compressor and scroll compressor will still be the highlight of growth in 2018. The performance of screw compressor in coal to electricity project and refrigeration market is worth looking forward to. Meanwhile, fierce competition will make screw compressor enterprises make more improvements in product differentiation.

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