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The production and sales of scroll compressor in November increased by 20% year on year

In November 2017, the total output of industry of scroll compressor is 399 thousand and 500 units, an increase of 23.30% last month, an increase of 4.14%; the total sales of 395 thousand and 700 units, an increase of 21.62% last month, an increase of 3.49%; sales of 349 thousand units, an increase of 21.05% last month, an increase of 0.72%; export volume of 46 thousand and 700 units, an increase of 26%, last month increased 30.22%.

In November, the scroll compressor market continued to maintain a strong growth trend, and the output and sales were all over 20% year-on-year. The domestic and foreign market of scroll compressor is better than that of the same period last year. The export market growth is more obvious, mainly due to the recovery of demand in Brazil market. From the perspective of downstream applications, the market of household air conditioners continued to maintain relatively stable growth in November, and the growth rate of production and marketing dropped to the high single digit level. The performance of domestic air conditioning was relatively prominent, and the delivery cycle of channels was extended, and the whole machine was also producing at full strength. In terms of commercial air conditioners, the industry maintained a two digit growth in November, benefiting from the home decoration market, and the frequency conversion of multi line products continued to maintain 20% growth rate. In the four quarter, the outbreak of the northern heating market increased significantly for household water and modular products.

In November, the export volume of scroll compressor was 46 thousand and 700, an increase of 26% compared with the same period last year. The export volume was 12 million 799 thousand and 100 yuan, up 17.22% compared to the same period last year, and the export price was 274.25 US dollars / Taiwan, down 6.97% compared with the same period last year. This month, most of the vortex enterprises good export performance, Emerson, Matsushita, Danfoss (Dalian), Hitachi Johnson are significantly increased, among them, Emerson pay increase over the same period last year, an increase of more than 90%. Export area, good performance of the Brazil market this month, a substantial increase over last year, to become the largest export volume area; in addition, India, France, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea and other regions is relatively good, while the United States, Thailand and other places is more than the same period last year have a certain level of decline.

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