Permanent magnet low pressure screw compressor

fancy shot of TK product on a moving truck

Main characteristics;

1. provide reliable welding rod by Dudley, the host, the exhaust pressure from 0.25-0.5mpa, emissions from 10-80m fand /min, has the advantages of energy saving, reliable, textile, glass, pharmaceutical, water of industry preferred.

2. use box design, compact structure, easy to install.

3. the pressure is stable and durable, the discharge is sufficient, the exhaust temperature is low, the oil content is less, and the performance is stable.

4. multiple safety protection design, stable and reliable operation, long maintenance period.

5., the working state is detected at all times. The intelligent control system is completely satisfied. The continuous operation is carried out under the unattended operation. The operation is controlled by multiple machines, and the compressor is automatically turned on or off according to the volume of discharge.