Two stage screw compressor for energy saving

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Main features:

Two-stage Compression Double Screw Air Compressor, screw rotor adopts a two-stage compression engine, is to use two groups of size is not consistent, reasonable distribution of pressure, lowering the pressure level at each level compression ratio. Reduce the leakage and improve the volumetric, reduce the bearing load, improve the bearing life, prolong the life of the host. The inlet of the main engine adopts the axial inlet, and the intake noise is reduced. Direct drive, high efficiency, low vibration and low noise.

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Air End

Two-stage compression compared to single-stage compression,the two compression tends to the most provincial power of the isothermal compression,from the principle,the single-stage compression of the two compression energy saving 5~8%.

Won the award of Level 1 energy Efficiency Grade Certification.

Compared with Level 2 Energy Efficiency GradeSave 10%-15% energy.

Compared with Level 3 Energy Efficiency GradeSave 20%-30% energy.



a)The use of energy-efficient motor,F grade insulation grade,high protection motor,with imported SKF bearings.

b)The capacity of the motor is increased by 1.2,so as to ensure that under the condition of various weather conditions,the load can be loaded without fault operation.


Control Panel

LCD HD touch monitor,PLC control ,Human menu interface design.

Can display multi line operation parameters,historical records

Simple operation,inquiry ,convenient maintenance.


High Efficient Separation of Oil and Gas System

The oil content of the compressed air of the outlet is only 2ppm by using the three stage method(cyclone separation method,sedimentation separation method and the fine filtration method).


Low Noise Design

A)Selection of large diameter,low speed of the low noise fan: provide large air quantity can effectively reduce the fan noise.

B)Totally enclosed mute type design,accord with international working noise standard.

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